PublishingNOW! streamlines the editorial process


Van Gennep understands the daily struggle of editorial content creation, and PublishingNOW! helps to streamline the process. The publishing industry is changing in growing and fragmented media channels, which incite the need to produce at higher volumes and to deliver real-time content, NOW.

The publishing world has changed in a way that most cannot keep up with, or dare to even try. Van Gennep has made a solid effort to focus, research and drive knowledge in the direction of new forms of publishing and created an entirely integrated system. Technology is taking precedence, and it is very important we keep up the pace.

Since the early 1800s printing press has been the major driver of delivering news to the masses. Roll on a few hundred years and news, content and information are delivered to the pockets of millions, almost as it happens. Sites are uploaded on a minute-by-minute basis and blogs and posts are re-blogged and re-posted by consumers.

Van Gennep works to make the lives of people ruled by deadlines a whole lot easier and provides integrated media publishing solutions for the editorial and creative industries that want to publish new content now.

We understand the industry first hand. With over 25 years of experience in the business of publishing, the people behind Van Gennep have set a benchmark in editorial standards. Using knowledge from the past, to understand how it needs to work today, and how things will work in the future.