Van Gennep
We understand what it takes to move towards the future of publishing

Van Gennep

With its flatplanning software PlanSystem, Van Gennep has amassed a total of 350 installations worldwide to publishing houses with hundreds of employees. Companies that rely on Van Gennep to help with their daily workflow management include Reader’s Digest, Mondadori France, Prisma Media, Sanoma Media Belgium and Bauer Media Group.

Because we work very closely with our customers, we understand what it takes to move towards the future of publishing. With over 25 years of experience in the media industry, we have first-hand knowledge of where publishing has come from and how fast it progresses. Van Gennep remains in the front every step of the process.

Ongoing customer support and continual working relationships with partners and distribution outlets result in a constant flow of communication that makes for new knowledge we use in the development of our products.

In 2012, Van Gennep was acquired by ADAM Software, a global marketing and solutions provider that helps brands deliver great customer experiences. ADAM Software was founded in 2004, based on the belief that together, great people and great ideas form the recipe for a great company. The company has quickly grown to become an international thought leader in media workflow and marketing technology software. ADAM Software has an enviable reputation that includes being recognized by Forrester as a market leader.