PublishingNOW! Photobooth connector at WAN-IFRA

Van Gennep

Glitter_photobooth_VAn GennepPublishingNOW! is the indispensable tool that allows publishers to publish any content to any channel. It allows you to collect content from cross-channel sources, store in a centralized DAM; produce output by approval-based workflows; and publish to any channel – print, tablet or website – from one centralized location.

To demonstrate this concept we connected a classical photobooth to our publishing system. Crafted in the Shoreditch studios to the exact specifications of award-winning photographer Seamus Ryan, the luxury booth is guaranteed to take flattering pictures you can either print or share via website and social media using PublishingNOW!

Come see us at the WAN-IFRA event from the 13th until the 15th of October in Amsterdam