Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about PublishingNOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an API available?

Yes, PublishingNOW! is coded in .NET and an API is available for example for integrations, data retrieval and for imports from other systems.

I work in a small company, can I use PublishingNOW!?

PublishingNOW! is designed to be used in companies with complex creative workflows in the publishing industry, or by large organizations to support their content marketing infrastructure. It doesn’t necessarily need a large user base, but in our experience PublishingNOW! offers the most added value if it is used by 25 people or more.

Can I add or import meta data to my assets?

Yes, meta data can easily be imported (XMP, IPTC, EXIF and more) or added manually to your assets.

Can I connect PublishingNOW! to my existing databases?

Assets from your archives can be migrated into the DAM. If you choose not to use the underlying DAM engine, it is possible to make connections to your own DAM or image library with custom coding.

Can I access my content from any location?

PublishingNOW! is a web based system and can be accessed from any location using a web browser. Also, an IOS App is available to upload content, view the flatplan and to create and publish your content on the fly.

We prefer Word as a text editor, does PublishingNOW! handle Word files?

Yes, you can import Word files into the PublishingNOW!. In fact, it can handle any file type. PublishingNOW! also has an XML editor, enabling you to save clean XML to the system directly if that has your preference.

Can PublishingNOW! replace our web CMS?

No. Although PublishingNOW! is an editorial management system, it will not replace your web CMS. It can however be linked to any third party system using XML, and push content automatically to your CMS or mobile or tablet application. PublishingNOW! can also push content directly to your social media channels.

Is PublishingNOW! Available as a cloud solution?

PublishingNOW! can run as an on-site installation, as well as from a cloud based server. Van Gennep does not offer hosting services, but we can assist you by mediating and with support for the hosting set-up.

Who can help us with implementation?

Our Van Gennep partners can help you with project management, implementation and set-up. If preferred and in consultation Van Gennep can also help you directly with project management, set-up, implementation support, or custom coding.